Monday, 16 October 2017

My Story Of Clean Up But No Cash Out

A long time ago when letters were the key,
To pass the message or write a plea,
Then came a new invention called telephone,
When real time communication was rarely known.
In a blink of an eye came the revelation of pagers,
Text messages were sent by adults and teenagers.
Soon every medium was blown away,
With entry of mobile phones on the way.
Year by year a brand new technology,
Changing the patterns of our ideology.
A touch can grant the access to millions,
A button can broadcast everyone's opinions.
With changing era our expectations have grown,
Everyone wants a gadget which is most renown.

In today's world, gadgets have become such a great necessity that most of us can't even pass a day without using our mobiles, tablets or laptops. Our world completely relies on them, literally.
I still remember the first and the worst phone I was given by my parents was Nokia 1100 in sky blue color, I loved the color though. The only good thing about it was 'Snake 2'. I think that game can never be beaten by any of the games in smartphones now a days. There was a unique pleasure in pressing those buttons to dial any contact or type a message. One benefit of these mobiles for Parents was that they used to find out quickly if their children were typing any message due to the sound of button press on keypad. This is definitely one of the biggest drawbacks of mobile phones with keypad.

As soon as touch screen phones came into the picture, it took no time for the phones with keypad to get obsolete. No one used to buy it. I still remember the amount of hype these Nokias created when they first made an entry into the market but popularity of touchscreen phones were any day much better than the Nokia keypad mobiles.

Now, I too wanted to buy a touch screen phone since everyone around me had one. Some also had flip phones with no touch screen but a much sleek keypad, those were cool too. Though smartphone came early but Android and iOS were yet to be introduced, the smartphones then had a different OS called Symbian or Bada which only a handful of people know. Finally I too convinced my parents to buy me a touch screen phone that was 3.5-4 inches or so. It was very tiny and sleek, I still remember how difficult it was to hold without slipping it out of hands. Since I had brought a new phone, I had no need of the older one, so I returned it back to my father.

He went to one of his friends who had a mobile shop for the resale of my old phone. The shopkeeper being my father's close friend, agreed to take it back but wasn't agreeing at a convincing price. I obviously came up with a plan and asked my father to immediately comeback home without selling the phone. I wrote down a note with decided price and model of the phone and pinned the note in my school's notice board.
A person from my school showed interest in it and agreed to by it on quoted price, I was very surprised since I had to do no convincing and he agreed very easily. He asked for the phone, along with the box and accessories to check if it works fine and he told me that he would show it to his parents and would buy it if they are willing. I thought that this was fair enough so I handed over the phone to him so that he could show it to his parents and check that phone's in working condition.

Turned out this was one of the worst ways to sell a phone since the guy never reverted back, he took the phone and was absent for many days after that. I didn't have any contact of him. And the most shocking thing was that he acted as a complete stranger when I tried to confront him few days later. Since we discussed all the matter outside the school, nobody was involved in it. So, I had no proof of selling him the phone. I was very heart-broken and scared at that time. I could have done a complaint against him but since there was no proof against him as I chose a very unprofessional means of selling the phone so I did not take any action. No one was going to believe me if I have taken any action. I had to lie to my parents that I had lost my old phone since I thought it was a better option than being scolded for selling it for free.

This was one of my quirky experiences of selling an old phone. I certainly realized that these kind of matters should always be resolved professionally using all the formalities and under someone's supervision.

But that was a long way back, today there are many other ways of selling phones or other gadgets. Easiest of them all is the Cashify website and App. It is one of the fastest way to clean up your old gadgets and get the cash out of them instantly. With #CleanUpCashOut, anyone can rely on Cashify to sell their gadgets immediately at the highest available price.
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