Monday, 16 October 2017

Strangest Experience Of Selling A Gadget

There was a time when my life resided in my laptop. It had all my pictures, movies, documents, study material and what not. From blogging to banking, everything was handled by my laptop. I can't recall of a day when I didn't utilize the perks of having a laptop.

I bought my first laptop when I was in 2nd year of my graduation period. Since, the main motive of buying a laptop was for computer programming, I had bought the one with i5 processor which was costlier than the i3. It had all the latest specifications and was huge 15.5 inches in size, since I wanted my first laptop to be the best one. I couldn't ask more from a machine, it just served all the possible purposes that one could think of.

I took full advantage of this laptop for more than 2 years. But after I started working, I had to travel every weekend and carry my laptop with me from my hometown to the city where I work and the other way round. It became very difficult for me to carry it on the days I was already loaded with the luggage. So I finally decided to buy a smaller and cheaper one after selling this one as it would be easier to carry and would not affect me much if it by any chance gets damaged any time during travelling.

I listed its ad on a website with all the specifications and pictures of its left profile, right profile and front profile, to be precise. The price I quoted was very reasonable according to me, since I bought it for 50k INR, I quoted it for only 24k. As it was nearly 3 years old but was in perfect condition. Some dealer of a computer mechanic shop showed interest in it and agreed to pay 22k INR for it. He made the payment and took the laptop on a condition that he should not face any kind of performance or usability issues while using the laptop. I assured him with that.

Just a day later, he called me again complaining that the laptop wasn't up to the mark, it was hanging a lot and few other drawbacks that I don't remember exactly. I got annoyed on listening to his complaints so I asked him to bring my laptop and take back his money right away. After this incident, I dropped the plan of selling my laptop and continued using the same one.

Only a few days after this incident, I started facing a couple of issues with my laptop. It used to get shutdown in the middle of something important. It became very slow in processing which was very strange as I had never faced such issues before. The other day I was using my laptop while it was plugged into the charger and suddenly the screen turned black and laptop turned off. I tried to turn it on by pressing the power button for 30-40 seconds but it was of no use. I tried a different charger to charge it as the problem could be with the charger but that also didn't work. Then, we had no choice but to give it at a service center to get it fixed. It somehow got fixed but the mechanic told us something that left us in complete shock.

He told that the processor of this laptop is not the original one that came with it but has got replaced by a downgraded version which is why I was facing all the issues lately. He also told that this processor wouldn't work for long and I either have to get it replaced or buy a new laptop. Though I am not completely sure but I suspect it was the dealer who bought my laptop for one day, who might be responsible for replacing the CPU. As it was very strange of him to complain the very next day. I tried calling on his contact number but it was unreachable. I'm not sure but probably he tricked us into all this and got a better version of CPU for his benefit.

This was the strangest incident that has happened with me while trying to sell any gadget. Most of my gadget selling experiences have been extremely bad. So, I had almost made up my mind to give up on selling anything again until I came across Cashify, which is the smartest solution to sell all the old and spare gadgets. It is a safe, easy and fast way to #CleanUpCashOut. 

If you also end up messing things while selling, then don't worry, leave the job of selling to Cashify and enjoy the perks of #CleanUpCashOut.
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