Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Time When I Judged Babies

I can fairly imagine what a bliss it is to have a baby. I have always craved for having a baby of my own because just an hour or two of babysitting is not enough for me. I feel really sad when they start crying to go back to their mummies. And it's really partial of them for always wanting to hangout with their mothers and nobody else. I know it's very silly of me to judge babies who have no knowledge or clues at such tiny age.

But it really makes me upset when little babies get so much attached to their mothers that they are not willing to go with  anyone else, even if the other person is dying to cuddle the baby and just see that smile on their face for once. But no, the moment you'll pick them up, they start crying and shouting as if you have done something wrong to them.

It's only on your 'lucky' days that these babies, for real, tend to choose you over their moms. That feeling is an epic one, when a baby stops crying the moment you pick them up, but that moment just turns out to be a regular one when that baby just burps and continue with his usual hobby of crying and jumping out of your hands.

I wonder if they are taking the revenge of their mothers or grandmothers who tried to pick me up when I was a baby. And no doubt I was the flag bearer of these resilient babies who would cry all day long if a stranger(by which I mean a person other than their mom) comes to admire them.
Jokes apart, I love babies and am very fond of them. But, just can't bear the fact that they don't love me back! :D
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