Monday, 16 October 2017

Time When I Got Stuck With My Old Phone

All the TV anchors of online shopping channels ace in the art of portraying things in a much exaggerated manner that they can easily convince most of the people to buy any commodity even if it's not of their use. That's why I always stay away from such channels as they easily manipulate me to buy their products by laying stress on the features and saying things like "Hurry, only few minutes left for this bumper sale. Avail this offer before anyone else does". Despite knowing the fact that this is their marketing strategy, I somehow fall into their trap every single time.

Nearly two years ago, I saw an android phone being sold by one such on-air shopping channel which looked very attractive to me and had even more attractive features. Despite having all the alluring specifications like latest processor, camera quality, in-built memory and battery backup, its price was surprisingly very low. Honestly speaking, I didn't even have the need of a new cellphone at that time, but I couldn't resist myself from buying it as it was too inexpensive to have such great features.

But the harsh truth is, every budget-friendly product has its unforeseen shortcomings. The extra price that all the other reputed vendors or companies charge is not just for the up to date specifications but for the quality assurance too.

Just few months after the purchase of this phone, I started facing a lot of performance issues, frequent app crashes and quick battery discharge. I was fed up of charging my phone after every few hours. Soon, I realized that buying this smartphone was surely one of the worst decisions I have ever taken. In today's world, a smart phone handles a lot of things from waking you up and reminding important dates to sending urgent mails and doing important transactions. So, it's very crucial to have a smartphone working in a good condition. All my daily tasks were being impacted by the performance lag of this phone.

Since, the phone was under warranty period at that time, so I decided to get it repaired. Unfortunately there was no mobile store available at my location of that particular brand. Still, I managed to go the store situated in the nearby city to get it repaired. Even after getting it repaired I was not satisfied with the functionality. Soon after getting it repaired, I started facing some issues in the touch screen. Again, I got it repaired from the same mobile store. This time I got it properly fixed to make sure I don't face any issues as I am very dependent on my phone to manage my social and professional life. Even, after getting it fully repaired I was somehow not happy and satisfied with this phone. Perhaps, I just got over the fantasy of having a hi-tech phone as it didn't meet my expectations at all in the earlier days.  In no time, a huge series of smartphones with latest technologies came up for grabs and I finally decided to get rid of this old one.

I had no clue in the beginning as this was the first time I was trying to sell a used phone, so I asked a friend of mine for some advice. He instantly advised me to exchange it for another phone on any e-commerce website that offers discount on exchange. I found this option feasible to me so I checked online stores and finally filtered out a list of them which provided an exchange offer (By list, I mean only 2-3 of them). Apparently, you can avail the exchange offer for only those mobiles which are present in the product list of website that has brands and models which are applicable for the exchange. Unfortunately, my mobile was not present in that list and hence, it was not applicable for the exchange offer of any website.

The next option my friend suggested was to sell it to any dealer of the local market as they can be convinced on negotiation. This option was also cancelled from our "Get rid of my phone" option list when all the dealers refused to buy it even for a single penny as it was obsolete and the brand was not trustable. Finally, I had to put its advertisement on an online marketplace at a very low price (30% of what it costed me)
Surprisingly I didn't get any call even after weeks of putting the ad. I was frustrated by this time, I felt like this phone has got stuck with me like shadow and I'm unable to get rid of it. At-last, I just gave it free of cost to a cousin of mine who desperately needed a mobile. But he returned it back to me after few months as he didn't like the phone at all.

Sometimes I laugh so hard at these incidents that repeatedly didn't let me get relieved from the baggage of this phone.
I still have it but of-course I don't use it anymore. It's currently resting in the box inside the third drawer of the cupboard in the store room, but I believe that it's not the place where this phone should belong. I think Cashify is the apt place that will truly value this product of mine without judging it. And what's the best thing about Cashify is that my phone's brand is also applicable on Cashify which was not applicable at many other websites.

It not only offers selling old phones but old tablets, laptops, TVs  and Gaming Consoles too. I'm definitely going to advantage myself with #CleanUpCashOut motive of Cashify. If you too wish to sell your old gadgets in fast and easy way then do tune into
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