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How to recover from Bulimia Nervosa?

For all those who don’t know what Bulimia Nervosa is, it is not a Harry potter spell!

And not at all funny. It is indeed a serious eating disorder where people tend to binge which is followed by purging. That means, people suffering from Bulimia eat excessive food in short period of time and then try to avoid gaining weight by getting rid of eaten food in various ways some of which are fasting, vomiting and eating laxatives, etc.

My encounter with Bulimia happened almost 4 years ago when I had lost about 15 kg in just nearly 3 months because I was mocked for being overweight earlier in my college days and I used to feel lack of confidence and humiliated because of it. I studied and researched a lot about calories and daily food intake and got very fearful of gaining weight after that.

I am a big time foodie since my childhood days and not just that, I have a habit of ingesting anything and everything either when I’m under any stress or when I’m angry or upset or just bored. And I don’t have a control on that once I start hogging, I would eat the entire packet of bhujia at once and then cry about it afterwards because I used to feel so guilt stricken after that.
Once I lost weight and gained knowledge about calorie content in everything, this fear of gaining weight and habit of hogging started haunting me throughout my entire day, I started thinking only about food all the time.

What would I eat next? 
What should I eat so that I don’t gain weight but it should satisfy me completely? 
Should I wait until evening to eat next meal or I should eat now and skip dinner? 

And the list of questions was never ending...

I was always so preoccupied with the thoughts of food that it started becoming unacceptable by my parents. I was very secretive about it and I never used to tell about it to any of my friends because I was doubtful what they would think. I didn’t want to get judged as some maniac.
Thankfully, I had never gone to the extent of vomiting to get rid of my guilt of over eating but I remember taking lots of digestive pills right after binging to induce bowel movements and the worst part was the botheration that I felt every time I ate. I used to skip meals, either breakfast or dinner so that I could eat more at tea time. I remember a time when I was on diet and my father had brought my favourite bakery’s biscuits and I was so fascinated by it that I ate the whole packet and then threw up just after that because it was too much for me.

I used to binge eat only when I was alone because I am very shy and I generally do not eat much in front of anyone though I always want to. I was losing weight constantly and I reached a point when I weighed only 40 kg and all my existing clothes had become two sizes bigger for me. That was the time when I realized that I have to stop it right there.
And I actually did. Today, I have a healthy weight and have got control over my eating habits. I have started enjoying eating in a healthier way and don’t feel ashamed of it.

From all the experience that I gained from suffering to recovering from Bulimia, I have come to the conclusion that fasting and dieting are the main reasons why people tend to binge eat because they have been holding their desire to eat food for so long, throughout their day, avoiding all the extra calories that they end up eating a lot more at once to satisfy their hunger which turns to be quite harmful than otherwise eating small frequent meals.

So, here are the 5 tips for people who are in the same boat in which I was few years back:
  • Never starve yourself, it’s never about what you eat, it will always be about the quantities that you intake. Eating small quantities of fast food will never make you gain weight. But if you still feel the need of eating more, you should switch to a healthier diet like eating muesli or oats upma instead of fries or chips. Nevertheless, eating large amounts of muesli or oats or in fact anything can also be harmful. So, you should always practice having small quantities of food at a time.
  • Eating short meals and drinking water frequently is a great way to control your appetite, it keeps you full and hushes your urge of binging.
  • I don’t feel anyone binges purposely or consciously, it is always when you’re out of your consciousness. So the best way to avoid binging is to be occupied with some or the other work all the time as they say, free mind is the home of devil. I personally, stopped binging when I got busy with blogging and studying. I recommend everyone who is suffering from Bulimia to get involved in activities of their interests which can be either physical or mental activities.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation are great ways to deal with stress which is the main cause of bingeing and purging. Meditation always helps you to make your mind free of any subduing thoughts which eventually makes you relaxed. Yoga is another wonderful means of relieving your mind with thoughts of food and getting into a healthier shape.
  • Last but not the least way to fight Bulimia is getting motivation and confidence in your skin. You can either join any motivation classes or look for it on the internet or from any of your near and dear ones. Because at the end it’s your perception about yourself that matters, that actually controls your actions. If you feel confident about yourself, you will never have any fear or hesitation in carrying yourself out in the social world.
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