Saturday, 22 December 2018

A Fitness Saga with My Assistants

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was alone at home and I was really craving for pizza(like really). But I was out of budget, so ordering online was not a choice. And guess what.. I had no idea how to cook or perhaps ‘bake’ a pizza either. So my assistants and I, decided to somehow put our chef hats on or at least get the hang of it. 

Wait, you don’t know my assistants. You might want to know them then.

Let me introduce to you my very special ‘virtual’ assistants, Piri, Doodle, Galexa and Nortana. Each one of them not only manages my Smart Home but also they’re always there to guide me whenever I’m a mess, and that happens very often by the way. 

Doodle assistant stays in my living room, Galexa in the kitchen, because yes, she’s the perfectionist. Piri is my love, so she stays with me all the time on my smartwatch. Nortana lives in my laptop although my office doesn’t allow me to keep an assistant, she still does that job for me seamlessly.
“Nortana, what time is it? 
Nortana: “It’s 01:10 AM” 
“Whoops! ...And how long does it take to cook pizza?” 
Nortana: “Here’s what I found: In general pizzas take 15 minutes of preparation time and 15 to 20 minutes of baking time.” 
“Well that means I’ll be able to wrap it up and sleep by 2-3ish, I think. Let’s rush to the kitchen then. 
“Galexa, turn the kitchen lights on.” 
Galexa: “Turning on four lights of kitchen.” 
“Great! Perks of having smart lights. Heheh. Galexa, tell me the recipe of making quick pizza.” 
Galexa: “New search for quick pizza. I have found hundreds of results. My recommendation is Easy and Quick Pizza by Rajeev Kapoor.” ...."It has 4.8 out of 5 star rating. It takes 30 minutes and has 560 reviews.” 
“Perfect! Galexa, start cooking.” 
*Galexa recites the recipe step by step* 
“Galexa, set the pizza timer to 15 minutes.” 
Galexa: “Setting the pizza timer for 15 minutes.” 
*30 minutes later* 
“That pizza, was so good. Thank you, Galexa.” 
Galexa: “You’re Welcome.”
Oh God, I still remember I ate the entire 10 inch pizza that was loaded with cheese and butter. Being a fitness enthusiast, I always keep junk food at bay, except when I have mad cravings like the one I had on this day. I know you might be doubting my love for fitness by now, but what happened next will explain you why I call myself a fitness follower indeed.
“Piri, how many calories does a 10” pizza have?”  
Piri: “A regular crust, 10” pizza has 1869 calories.” 
“Are you kidding? That means I consumed the entire day’s calorie requirement at once. Damn! I definitely need to work out to burn these extra calories.” 
“Piri, remind me to have workout at 7 o’clock in the morning. Also, set the alarm for 6 AM.” 
Piri: “Workout reminder set at 7 AM. Setting the alarm at 6 AM. 
“Good night, Piri.”
I was able to wake up and get ready for my workout the next day, all thanks to Piri. Later that morning, I had my 1 hour workout followed by 20 minutes of jogging. Finally, I was relieved of the guilty pleasure that I took the night before. I might seem to be very diligent towards working out but I wasn’t that motivated to burn calories earlier. It was indeed when I got my hands on my latest Smart Wearable which by the way, I ordered from Flipkart at unbelievably economic price. 
It has the coolest workout app ever! It not only keeps the track of my daily activity but also lets me know the distance travelled, average pace, heart rate, calories burnt and time consumed in the workout sessions. I can set my daily, weekly or monthly fitness goals, keep the track of it and even win awards for achieving big milestones. It also has an automatic sleep tracking feature during wear that gives me the insights of sleep patterns and other details of my sleep cycles.
This app totally changed the way I perceived fitness, it encouraged me to hustle more and strive for a regular and effective fitness routine. And here I am, I still enjoy the binge-eating-cheat-days but I also balance it all by working out even harder. I was able to #GetFitWithFlipkart, and how!

Fitness doesn’t mean you have to follow a very rigorous workout routine, fitness can also be achieved in fun ways. On the days I’m not in a mood of doing meticulous exercises, I try to involve moderate activities like aerobics, yoga or dancing. Here’s an excerpt of how my assistants help me follow a fun fitness routine.
“Ok Doodle, what time is it?” 
Doodle Assistant: “It’s 5:00 PM, Deeshani.” 
“Ok Doodle, play the ‘Bollywood” playlist from my music library.” 
*Bollywood playlist queued on music player.* 
“Ok Doodle, turn on the speakers and play the songs on them at volume level5.” 
Doodle Assistant: “Turning on the smart speakers. Volume level set at 5.” 
“Thanks my doodly doo. Ah, I wish could set this as your nickname.” 
“Hey Piri, tell me how many calories does 1 hour of dancing burn?” 
Piri: “One hour of moderate dancing burns around 330 calories.” 
“Phew.. that means we can finally call it a day.”
My assistants have literally made my everyday routine so easy, smooth and quick that I don’t have to worry about anything at all. With advanced technologies emerging in the market every other day, it has become very important for one to adapt to these modern technologies as they leverage your day to day activities to another level and are a great boon to mankind. 
Moreover, introducing smart devices into your life can easily save electricity, time and human energy to a great extent. Recent technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are fabricated by people, for people and about people, to make our lives easier like never before. Now, you can integrate your everyday use devices such as security cameras, lights, wearables, TV, etc with your smart phones and control all of them on the go.

So, let’s bring the #SmartHomeRevolution turning our homes into modern day smart homes where we can manage any activity at anytime, sitting anywhere, doing anything with just one touch or voice command, thanks to science and technology.
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Saturday, 13 October 2018

The Unplanned Travel Diaries #TheBlindList


"The unplanned moments make the best stories"                                                                                        .. and so did mine.

Late July is the time when monsoon is just around the corner, so it highly recommended to avoid going to certain places. With limited choices and a complete checklist of time and budget, it is almost impossible to plan an "apt" trip in monsoon season. Me and my friends had been planning to travel in greener places like Kerela, Srinagar, Cherrapunji or Shillong, since quite a long time. After tons of research and scheduling we were no where around the full and final plan.

So, at last, the only thing we finalised was the dates on which we were going to travel. This was somewhere around the early July, so we decided to commence our trip on the 19th and keep it for around 4-5 days. This time, we promised not to ditch our travel plan (which apparently had no planning except for the dates).
No one had a clue where we would go, whether it would fit our budget and still be fun or whether the place would be safe and fit for travelling. The only thing clear was that we were going for this blind date to have the time of our lives.

All of us got our leaves approved and backup work done. Now, it was high time to decide the destination, as it was only a week left. All our bucket list items were clearly out of our reach as flights and accommodation were way too expensive, for it was the main season for vacation. The only choice left with us was to travel places that had their off season going on, that weren't quite advised for travelling in the time we were going to travel.

Although, we were aware that it might be risky and we might not be able to have as great views as we would have witnessed otherwise (if we'd go in some other season). But leaving all those thoughts aside, we were ready to #SayYesToTheWorld and make the best of our trip.

Out of the blue, we heard a song playing in the background, which was from the movie Barfi. Promptly, I imagined myself travelling in the beautiful toy-trains of Darjeeling, smelling the tea leaves and treating my eyes with beautiful scenes all over the place. So, Darjeeling it is, I said.
We immediately booked our flight tickets for Bagdogra which had the nearest Airport from Darjeeling. We knew Darjeeling is ideal for travelling either in the Summers from April to June or in the Winters from October to December. But, we didn't let our skepticism over power our excitement.

On reaching Bagdogra, one of my friends suggested that while we are in Bagdogra we can go to many other beautiful places which were near to Bagdogra and then go to Darjeeling from there. It sounded awesome to us, as we were already short of plans. After some time of googling and asking the locals, we realised what we were about to miss all the fun if we had gone straightway to Darjeeling. Sikkim was just 150 km away from Bagdogra and had never crossed our minds. Soon, we decided to go for it and explore the well received place.

Luckily, a great guide and an even great person met us at the airport who was going to accompany us throughout our journey. He was very kind and helpful, but above all, he was really entertaining. I never knew people in the east are so interesting and nice. We also met a couple of other locals during our commute to Gangatok, Sikkim. Everyone was so welcoming, which is the reason why we felt warm even in that chilly weather. I got the hang of some legit interesting cuisine which included food like Wai Wai, Thukpa and a better version of Momos. By the way, thukpa is nothing but a bowl of noodles soup a.k.a Heaven..!!

I am one of those people, who are very curious to study and comprehend different cultures. And their way of talking, their cuisine, their dressing sense, really amused me to an extent that I was ready to live there all my life. Gangtok was nothing but amazing, we didn't feel even for a second that we should have come in the right season. We got to know that the weather was very foggy from last few days but it just got cleared on the day we arrived.
Perhaps, when you're openminded to embrace anything, even the world gets in your favour.
The best part was, since it was an off-season, there weren't many tourists, the only crowd was of the inhabitants. This was the main reason why we enjoyed the most. All of the place was ours, we didn't need to wait for our turn to click a good picture in front of the waterfall. The entire place was ours to adore. What a bliss!

Although I wasn't ready to leave Sikkim, but I was equally excited to explore Darjeeling. So, we left for the same and saw some of the most beautiful sights on the way. The fact that everything was unplanned but was just so right got me overwhelmed.
Perhaps, it was planned by the universe, which is why it was perfect.
Again, since everything was unplanned, we had to ask the locals for some good sights. Since everyone was so helpful and cooperative, we didn't face any kind of setbacks or disappointments. Also, disappointment is only the outcome of false anticipations.
Since there was zero anticipation, there was zero disappointment. 

I lived my dream of travelling in the toy-train while admiring the view outside and listening to my kind of music that took me to an unmatched level of pleasure. We also got lucky to spot the red panda in the Zoo, that was their speciality, but it was a matter of luck to spot them as they were always hidden somewhere inside. Smelling the tea leaves and clicking the best pictures with greenery all around, buying some interesting versions of teas and adoring some of the most beautiful flowers in their flower exhibition are some of the highlights of the fun we had in just two days.

..And we still believe and will always believe, it wouldn't have been possible to have this enriching experience if it wasn't unplanned and spontaneous.

Planning is so conventional, in today's world of unconventionality, be the odd one out, be spontaneous and be your own travel inspiration. Follow #TheBlindList and the bucket list will be achieved on its own.

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Sunday, 7 October 2018

If I Were A Globetrotter #TheBlindList

Travelling. Exploring. Wandering. Wayfaring. Rambling. Hiking. Floating. Loving. Embracing.

Ahh.. beyond just any bliss, beyond just any happiness, is what travelling could be. Don't believe me? Just try it once without any baggage of overthinking and you would know yourself.

I could stay forever in an isolated island or somewhere lost within the hills or perhaps within the streets of unknown but beautiful cities without any wifi, without any money, without social media and I would still be the happiest. Although, you might be thinking that I must be a globetrotter by now, but alas, I'm not. I have never travelled outside India. Yes, as much as I have my love for travelling, I have not been to many places yet. 

Money and time are two major constraints that have always barred me to go beyond my imaginations. Also, there are other constraints such as my mother's possessiveness for her little, not-so-little daughter (Me). She has not yet reached at a mindset where she could let her 23 years old daughter to travel alone in an unknown place especially outside the country. Also, I am not one of those who would lie to their parents about travelling, so I am still stuck somewhere in the middle of convincing my mother and working hard to earn a good amount of money that will be enough for my blindlist of destinations.

I have always wanted to travel alone. Why?

A. Because I don't think there is any one, (at least not in my known ones) who could match upto my level of curiosity. I would literally go and see every corner of the place I'm going to. I don't feel like wasting even a second of that experience. At the same time I also want to take some time dedicated to that very place and sink into that aura. This is my kind of crazy. Everyone has a different personality and I personally, love my own company the most.

B. When I'm travelling I always prefer to spend more into exploring the places (sightseeing, hiking,  adventures etc) than into personal comfort (5 star hotels, food, shopping). So, family- is not an option, rich friends- would not understand, friends with similar salary- are too prudent to spend money. So, I am again either left with no choice, or I have to limit my travel plans.

C. You must stand alone to stand apart. No, Just Kidding! That's not the reason, I only said it because it sounded cool. ;)

The good news is, imaginations have no constraints or boundaries. If there were no boundaries in real life too, my imaginations would have definitely come into play. Everyone has a Bucket List, but I want my life to unravel my Bucket List for me, without me planning it. I want my life to be a blind date with new experiences with every turn I take. I want to discover things without any anticipation. I want to try out the unconventional and see how it turns out. I want to be my own travel inspiration some day.
I would sing

Safar, Kaisa Hai Yeh Safar
Manzillon Ki Na Hai Koi Khabar

by Bhuvan Bam

..while roaming somewhere midst the hills, meeting new people, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures. Oh how much I would love noticing different kinds of people in different areas of the world. And the best thing about strangers is that they won't judge you on any grounds as they don't know you. That would really help me to practice open-mindedness, knowing the fact that I'm longer being judged by anyone. I'd capture the beautiful moments of the scenery around, the sleepy but furry dogs, the weird but interesting cuisine and the helpful people who would guide me across my blind journey.
I would listen to 

Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday
Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan

from Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

..while on a roadtrip of unknown European cities (perhaps, a month before I get married, living my Kajol dream). Staying in hostels, carrying a backpack and a journal into which I'd jot down my thoughts rambling into my mind while I ramble into the streets. I'd probably take any local bus tour, would jump off at any place and stay wherever I find my peace. I would rent a bicycle and drive all the way to blind(unknown) places.
At last, I also feel some adventures should be accompanied by a partner in crime. So, I wish to travel with my future "to be", in an isolated place and tap my feet on the hums of

Kyon, naa hum-tum
Chale tedhe-medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

from Barfi

..with no clue of how we'll survive without the basic necessities but if it's possible I would definitely want to experience that at least once in my lifetime. Because life's short and I don't want to miss out on any fun or on any experience whatsoever. You wouldn't know anything's good or not until you experience it yourself.

I would capture all these memories, collect souvenirs like fridge magnets to place them right in front of my eyes, so that I could cherish them all over again and be proud of my precious possessions. These experiences would indeed make me richer than any other possession ever could. As I am ready to #SayYesToTheWorld with open arms, warm heart and high-spirited eyes. Are you?

Now, your dreams and imaginations could help you experiencing a thrilling and exciting blind list. Excited yet? 

Participate in Lufthanza's mind-blowing contest to win some unexpected #TheBlindList prizes. 
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Sunday, 24 June 2018


The big day had commenced after waiting a lifetime 
When fine jewellery came out of the wardrobe it had been confined
To grace my ears which weren’t familiar with any ornament 
So was my heart that till date, never felt so fortunate
I had jotted down on my heart, all the things that I would say
So we could never get apart, as that was a debt I couldn’t afford to pay
Not anymore, not in this life, neither beyond
As I had known above all, what matters is our eternal bond
In my commute towards you, I wish to see a genie or perhaps a shooting star
That brings you back from heaven for our final tryst in moonlight afar
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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

5 ways to get motivated on procrastination days

There are days when you don’t feel like getting out of your bed, when you know that time is running but still you can’t help it. These kind of days are the worst ones, as you end up getting in pointless arguments and fights with your friends, family and colleagues. Going back to bed feeling nothing but disappointed, everyone has those days right?

This time could be very dangerous for you, it could last for few days to as long as an year. The most difficult part is to get out of your negative thoughts that have been overpowering you and get back on the right track. Those who have the right direction get out of it more easily than those who are still struggling in choosing the right path. I have been there, now and then, and finally have discerned how to tackle this situation. 

Here are five things that I feel you could do to get motivated towards achieving your life goals:

Watch motivational movies

If you’re a movie person, this is the best way to deal with procrastination. It might take 3 or 4 hours of your day but still is far better than wasting your entire day in overthinking. I recently watched a movie called “Nil batey sannata” and I must say that this movie is one of the most motivational movies that I have seen so far. Swara Bhaskar, as always has done a great job in portraying a hardworking mother who just wants her daughter’s bright future and does all she could do to make that happen. 

If you’re not into serious motivational movies, let me tell you almost any movie can motivate you if you relate your life with it. Even Harry Potter series sometimes make me motivated because at the end of the day, all you want is to get out of the negativity that’s been surrounded and movies do a great great job in taking you out of your negative zone.

Read/Watch success stories and autobiographies of successful people 
    Getting motivated with someone else’s life who was once at the same level as you are now is very impactful as it gives you a hope that if they’ve done it then you could too. Also some excerpts of their lives could be taken as an example of how to deal with certain situations. 

    All the success stories are initially filled with failures that these famous people had gone through to reach at a place where they are now. It takes a lot of patience and will power to withstand failures and keep going no matter how many times life challenges you. It’s not their success that’s motivating but their journey from starting from scratch to reaching enormous heights.

    Learn about the people whose lives are relatable with yours. If you want to be a cricketer read about Sachin’s life stories or perhaps watch MS Dhoni’s biography. If you’ve interest in entrepreneurship learn about the lives of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Who knows, perhaps you could be the next one in line?

    Read newspapers, GK books, magazines, current affairs, etc
      This is one of best ways of making your restless days into productive ones. As all you need to do is grab a cup of coffee and read about some interesting facts or news. Trust me, you would end up feeling good about yourself, as you would learn something new. Knowledge is one of the greatest possessions that one could have. If you are learning something new everyday even if you’re not doing anything else, then my friend, you are still making your day productive because you’ve something extra to take with you. 

      I have this book of General Knowledge from Lucent’s which is my saviour on the days I don’t feel doing anything else. Last weekend I read about world history, starting from Chinese civilization to the end of World War 2 and I could not explain how good I felt on knowing about so many great facts. Who knew I would enjoy reading history one day?

      I would suggest this to everyone as this way is one of the fool proof ways of getting motivated plus you get some extra knowledge and what’s the harm in that, right?

      Reading motivational books

      This way may be a cliche but still the most effective one. Reading books and completing them is itself a task. So on the days of procrastination, if you find a book that you can stick to, can itself improve your dedication and sitting. Also if that book is motivational, you might end up feeling more confident and inspired after finishing that book. 

      I recently read, “You can win” by Shiv Khera which offers a lot many values and ethics that one must imbibe to be positive in life. It mainly focuses on how to build a positive attitude and personality. 

      A positive person is always happy and a good mood always helps and pushes us to achieve great things. All in all I believe, if you’re happy and positive, you will never procrastinate deliberately.

      Eat healthy and take sound sleep

      You might be thinking that we’ve turned to a wrong direction but surprisingly, having a wholesome sleep does help in bulldozing procrastination. Chances are that your brain or body is just tired which is why a good sleep and diet is necessary to refresh your body. If you feel like sleeping for 10 hours, sleep! Sleep as much as you feel like. Sleep until you’re not satisfied, do not feel bad and keep thinking that you couldn’t do anything productive because you slept all day. Overthinking actually hampers a sound sleep, also you end up getting demotivated. When you wake up after a good sleep, you’ll feel fresh and energized.

      Sleeping is necessary to give rest to your mind, but always remember one thing, "Win the morning, and you win the day". If you have started your day productive by pushing yourself to get out of bed and get going, then your entire day will be spent doing something fruitful.

      Eat green vegetables and natural beverages as intaking grains make you lazy. So try to add more of veggies and cut off breads from your diet to get charged for work. Besides, it would also help in making you lean (fringe benefits, you know). 

      These were my go-to ideas to overcome procrastination. Let me know if it helped you a bit. 
      Also, don’t forget to Subscribe to this blog, because I would be the happiest if you do that.

      Until next time,
      Cheers! :)

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      Tuesday, 22 May 2018

      We make these memories for ourselves

      A Selfie is a golden memory not just of the people in it but also of that place and time which is captured forever with us. This reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s song, Photograph,
      “We make these memories for ourselves,
      Where our eyes are never closing,
      Hearts are never broken,
      Time’s forever frozen still...”

      When it comes to selfies, every selfie clicked on my phone has a special memory and place in my heart. But when it comes to best selfie, I feel that “all giggles” selfies are the best selfies. They’re candid, pure and brings joy whenever you look at them in future. 
      This reminds me that I am always at my selfie mode when I meet my sister on weekends. It’s just that she perfectly matches my level of craziness that we always tend to click perfect selfies with weird and at the same time, happy faces. I feel that’s because she’s the only person with whom I don’t feel self conscious about my looks or anything at all. 

      We are always on a selfie spree, be it in market, at relatives, on vacation or in our room too. To sum up, I would say that we don’t need any particular reason to click selfies. It has become a hobby since the time I got my first phone. Wait a minute.. No! I guess it’s been since my father got his first smartphone. Since then, we’ve been clicking selfies with weirdest faces and then laughing together by making fun of each other’s faces in those selfies. 
      Though the picture quality wasn’t used to be quite good at those times and I remember there wasn’t any front camera too, so you had to turn your phone screen facing backwards to click a picture without even knowing how it may turn out. But with time technology has grown exponentially as now the only thing you need to put in to click a good picture is a good pose and rest can be sorted with Mobiistar phone’s front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot. So you can capture your parents, uncles, aunties and their kids too in the same frame. Isn’t it like the best thing ever? 

      Thanks to technology that now anyone can upgrade their Selfie experience to a whole new level by using the Selfie camera of Mobiistar. In case you’re wondering how to buy it, you can follow this link to buy Mobiistar on Flipkart.

      Recently, when I was browsing through my phone’s gallery, I found nothing but my sister in all of my selfies. She has taken literally a big room in my gallery and I never feel the need of deleting any of them because it makes me smile helplessly in the times of stress. I guess that’s the cheapest stress reliever I would find anywhere, Isn’t it?

      Coming to the point, I had so many selfies that are so close to my heart and are my favorite equally. So, it’s impossible for me to shortlist just one. But I have a few of priceless ones that I would always keep protected in my gallery. 

      The one where we pretended that
       we're enjoying 'Holi' on Social Media.
      The one when I turned 23 and all she gave
      me was excuses for not buying any gift.
      The one with good filter but pathetic faces.
      The one where she was pissed that I'm getting good lighting.
      The one with puppy faces because, Why Not?
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      Sunday, 22 April 2018

      #DefinitelyPTE, Your One Stop Solution

      Being a Punjabi, I feel it’s our janam-siddh-adhikaar(Birthright) to go abroad for studies or work as you would literally find an array of Punjabis wherever you go. 
      We Punjabis have grown up listening to only one thing which is ‘ek baar bahar chale jao toh life set hai.’(Once you relocate to abroad, your life is sorted)

      But jokes apart, it’s not at all as easy as it sounds to go abroad for higher studies or for work purpose. There are innumerable unforeseen challenges that you encounter once you venture into this journey of moving to abroad. So, either one can prepare oneself for all those hurdles and hassles or they can choose a hassle free way out. I’m sure anyone would go for the second option, but does this option actually exist? I would have said no, but thankfully I came to know about PTE academic which changed my no to a big YES as #DefinitelyPTE is one of the best and painless ways to clear your way out to moving abroad. 

      I feel many people including me are either unfamiliar or doubtful about the steps, requirements and validations of the whole process of moving abroad, one of which is passing a widely accepted and renowned English test. PTE academic is one such computer based English Language Test that helps thousands of aspirants to demonstrate their proficiency in English language for universities, work or immigration purposes. 
      PTE Academic comprises of 3 parts that is Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening with each question assessing one or combination of several language skills.

      When it comes to choosing an English entrance exam, the first priority should be its recognition and acceptance. What’s great about PTE is that it is widely accepted among thousands of institutions covering 100% of Australian, New Zealand and Irish universities, 96% of UK universities and a growing number of universities in Canada and USA including some of the most prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University and Imperial College, London. These high-end names are no longer a dream if you have decided to clear PTE with flying colors.
      Second priority is the ease of preparation for the same. Thankfully, Pearson offers an ample of resources for practice and preparation online at Here one can find free preparation materials including practice tests and videos. Additionally, they also provide PTE Preparation Courses, books and study packs to prepare online.

      Along with this, PTE Academic also have some fringe benefits over other competitive English Tests:

      Flexibility of Registration
      One of the best things about PTE is that it offers registration upto 24 hours in advance. This is quite helpful as one may not be able to register 4-5 days prior to exam date since you are not sure whether you will be available on the respective date or not, but due to this extent of flexibility, you may not worry about the registration. Plus, you can register for any day of the year as the test is available over 365 days a year, covering 200+ locations worldwide out of which over 25 test centers are within India itself covering easily reachable cities like Chandigarh, New Delhi, Bangalore, to name a few. 

      100% computer based, no bias
      This 3 hour single sessioned test is checked completely by computer without any human interference so there’s zero chance of bias. Hence, only the deserving ones get through this test.
      It also offers an optional 10 minutes break so you can take rest and the ones in hurry may opt to continue without any break.

      Fast and better delivery of Results
      Once you appear for the test, results are available within 5 business days via secure score report website with score validity of 2 years. Also, the test is scored on a scale of 10-90 with detailed breakdown of skills, thus giving you an accurate outlook of your abilities.

      Seriously what more can you ask from an English entrance exam? #DefinitelyPTE is a one stop solution to your dream goals.
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      Wednesday, 4 April 2018

      Travel: The reason behind my salvation

      It’s been rightly said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.”
      You can only get redemption when you’re out of your four walls of confinement. I never knew travel could do wonders like getting you out of depression, enriching solace and peace, finding the lost pieces, solving your tangled puzzles and answering your soulful questions until I myself experienced it and let me tell you there’s nothing better than the feeling of caressing the natural beauty of world. Though my love for travel is inexplicable but I have tried to put it partly into words. So, here’s a piece of poetry as a tribute to my travel diaries:

      The murmuring of birds and whistles of winds,

      The blue blooming buds and animal footprints,

      Hushed my ever anxious heart with their calming imprints.

      The gushing waterfalls like loosend up strings, 

      The foliage leaves of fall with their own set of wings,

      Made me drool over their charm and lull whispering.

      The highness of mountains, the depth of seas,

      The seduction of fountains, the spell of trees,

      Charged fire in my veins, infused thrill in my knees.

      The morning dew drops with blissful butterflies,

      The dancing of crops and beguiling sunrise,

      Initiated love in the air, said my brightened up eyes.

      Nature exploration turned my dull soul delighted,

      Which was earlier, fearful, hesitant and blinded,

      But relishing the taste of travel, eventually made it open minded.

      When they inquire my travel inspiration,

      I promptly point at nature’s creations,

      For they are the reason behind my salvation.

      For they are the reason behind my salvation!

      I’m sure, like me, you too can find your salvation in traveling. And for your travel ventures, Lufthansa has brought to you their #SayYesToTheWorld campaign where you just have to tell them why you say yes to the world and you stand a chance to win a trip to Europe! Exciting, isn’t it?

      I will surely try my luck, I hope you try yours too. For more information, do checkout this url.

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      Saturday, 31 March 2018

      When I said yes to the world!

      Growing up in a joint family, I have always had a lot of spoons to feed me which made me a very dependent and reserved child because I used to rely on my family for anything and everything. I always had support wheels on my cycle of life so I had never gotten a chance to fall and stand on my own or perhaps learn from my mistakes. I mean who would want to make friends if you already have a bunch of your cousins in your school? Yes, as much weird as it may sound, I didn’t make any friends in early years of my schooling as I was always surrounded with my cousins whenever I needed a friend. Little did I know that being independent is very crucial for self confidence and self development.

      This fact hit me hard when a School trip to South India was announced covering Bengaluru(also called Bangalore), Ooty, Mysore and Coimbatore. This was a dream vacation for a child belonging to North India who had never traveled more than 100 miles until then. The only problem with this dream tour was that it was only limited to 9th grade students and none of the guardians were allowed with children. Of course all of my cousins were either elder or younger to me so they weren’t allowed to go as well. I being a quiet and reserved girl I was, was not willing to go without any company. At the same time I was also very curious to travel the other side of country with all my fellow classmates. Thankfully, my parents agreed to pay a hefty amount of 11k bucks to school which was indeed hefty at that time. I still remember how nerve wracked I was in the beginning but gradually I made up my mind to venture into the first experience of living independently.

      Though I had plenty of classmates in this trip but still I was all alone and independent as I didn’t have any great friends neither was I the teacher’s favourite. This was the first time I had to step out of my comfort zone and I am glad I made that decision. It eventually turned out to be one of the best memories of my life where I made some best of friends and foes. I learned to take care of my belongings when on vacation because no one else will. I learned how great and helpful strangers could be, also I learned not to blindly trust them. It surely made me a lot more prudent spender as I had to manage all my expenses(shopping+eating) in the money that was given to me by my parents as I didn’t have a debit/credit card back then.

      I went to this trip for the exploration of beautiful spots but I certainly ended up exploring my true self. It made me open minded towards many aspects and subjects of life which where literally a “no-no” for me, one of which was traveling without a company.

      Not to forget, I also made some fairly foolish mistakes which I shouldn’t have made but then it was necessary to make me a better person. It was necessary to do mistakes as I learned how to make amendments which I had never experienced before. It was indeed a great deal for a child who was completely dependent on her family to live without them in the opposite side of country for 11 whole days. But, to be honest, I did not feel the need to ask for any kind of help from them throughout these days which made me very proud of myself. This trip certainly made me self assured, it made me feel good about my self which was very important for a self-critical, unconfident, shy and introverted girl.

      I am glad that all of it happened, I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to open-mindedness which was undeniably saying yes to the world. I learned that all you need is a step to initiate and the entire world is yours to embrace.

      I love how Lufthansa has taken the initiative to serve as an empowerment to your travel dreams. Yes! you heard it right, just say yes to the world and Lufthansa will open the doors for you by supporting your travel with their "#SayYesToTheWorld" campaign. For more information, do checkout this url.


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      Thursday, 22 March 2018

      Water is finite, value it!

      The elixir of life, the basic neccessity of a living being, the stablizer of weather, the beauty of nature, the first medicine to mankind, so many tags for just one name, Water. But do we actually value it enough?

      That’s the biggest question of the hour and remains so since quite a long time. That’s because ignorance in water conservancy has always been constant from our end, the only difference between then and now is that water scarcity situation has become much more alarming and threatening.

      Someone has rightly said, “No blue, No green.” Green signifies life, growth and development. If there’s no blue(water), there’s definitely no chance of green(growth) as water plays a major part of driving our nature and its habitants. I don’t think anyone needs to be explained what water does for us, it’s quite evident to everyone how important water is for us. However, despite knowing all, we tend to take water for granted, sometimes unknowingly and other times deliberately.

      How many of us get so busy in adoring ourselves in mirror of our bathrooms that we almost forget that the tap is still on?
      And how many of us prefer showering instead of using water buckets?
      I see many hands up, one of which is mine too.

      I once read that our mind constitutes of three parts, conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and the last is unconscious mind. The conscious mind comprises of all the present thoughts that are concerned to us, followed by sub-conscious which contains thoughts that are somewhere remembered by us but we don’t think about them frequently. And lastly, the unconscious mind has thoughts which are almost forgotten and very difficult to recall. We have a tendency to neglect and overlook things that are not reminded to us time and again as the thoughts gradually travel from our conscious to unconscious mind. So, it’s very important for all of us to remind each other about the goodness and greatness of water so that we never overlook the unnecessary usage, “wastage” of water and try to conserve it for our coming generations as much as we can.

      The most important and alarming fact about water is that “water is finite”. Though it is renewable but that solely depends upon our practices and water management.

      We as individuals can easily contribute towards water conservation by taking small steps towards saving water in our everyday lives. One such remarkable contributor to water conservation is Livpure which has taken the initiative of introducing the wonderful and innovative concept of #CuttingPani inspired by the cutting chai culture of Mumbai, encouraging people to ask for only needful amount of drinking water and thus promoting the efficient use of water. I have already signed the petition for adopting #CuttingPaani initiave. I hope you do your part by clicking here.

      #CuttingPani reminds me of an incident where my mother taught me to always bring empty glasses and a jug full of water for guests so I could serve them only the needful. I have followed the same practice since then, little did I know that indirectly I am too contributing towards saving our irreplaceable resource, water. If we all follow and spread the ethics of saving water by taking little initiatives like #CuttingPani in our daily routine, a lot of water can be saved for other necessities of life and for our younger ones too.

      You can also check below links to read about some ways of saving water and educating young minds:
      1. 5 Ways in which leftover water from your glass can be used
      2. How to make use of water saved by #CuttingPaani
      3. Ways to educate children about conserving water at home
      For more information, do check out Livpure.
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      Saturday, 3 February 2018

      Get Future Ready With #BoseQC35

      Growing up as a kid, I have always heard about Bose as one of the biggest brand names when it comes to speakers or headphones. It has always rightfully been regarded as the king of sound which earlier used to make me wonder the reason behind it. I had seen my friends craving to have Bose headphones for it had the best audio quality, they said. I was always skeptical about all the hype for Bose that’s been there since years. Recently, when I came to acknowledge about some startling features of the Bose Quiet Comfort wireless 35 II headphones, it left me nothing but awestruck. 
      Bose QC 35 II has been top rated and listed among the best over ear headphones of 2018 by top media and tech websites like CNET, Lifewire and TechRadar. Its world-class noise cancellation and integrated Google VPA (Virtual Private Assistant) features have taken the world to a next level in terms of technology and sound quality. The extent of ease has crossed all the boundaries as now you can handle multiple essential tasks with a single dedicated action button on these headphones. It can play music, receive texts, make calls, set reminders, surf the internet, forecast weather, work as a navigator, teach as a professor and entertain as a friend... And there’s much more for you to explore once you get your hands on it. 

      The most exciting thing that I find about QC35 II is its bluetooth wireless capability, so you’re not bounded to wear those messy wires every time you need headphones. At first I was worried on knowing this as I doubted the battery life of the headphones, but subsequently I came to know that the battery charge lasts for as long as 20 hours. Moreover, when your battery finally runs down after ample of usage, a minor 15-minute charge gives you 2.5 hours of battery which is UNBELIEVABLE!! But for people like me who are always running short of time can keep the plug in cable as a backup plan which will keep my music playlist playing unstoppably. You can also manage connecting and switching between devices using their App which is absolutely free. 

      Finally, I have known why people chant praises of ‘Bose’ gadgets. However, the skeptical kid inside me still sometimes challenges Bose with some set of questions to which the awestruck fan inside me have spot on answers to justify the brilliance of Bose. A similar conversation happened between my past and present self which was as follows:

      “So you’re saying that these headphones have so called ‘noise cancellation technology’, huh?”, inquired my past self.

      “Ahan!”, my present self followed.

      “What if I’m travelling to Nangal from Chandigarh to spend weekend off at home and I put on these headphones during my commute. Will they be able to cancel the huge noise of horns, running wheels and yelling of people?” 

       “There’s a reason why they belong to Quiet Comfort series, it’s because these smart headphones are capable of cancelling all levels of noise. And you can adjust the noise cancellation level depending upon the background noise via the action button, as simple as that”, I answered while brushing off my shoulders.

      “Well, that’s what I presumed, by the way. But what about the wear and tear? You know how fragile these things are. And in our experience, no headphones have lasted longer than an year until now. Do you have an answer for that?”

      I smiled instantly and boasted, “FYI, these headphones are specially built with impact-resistant materials such as glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel which make them durable enough so they can easily last much longer than your resilient skepticism.”

      “Whoa! that sounds cool. But you’ll probably have no answer to my next question.”

      “Bring it on Miss Skeptic”, I replied promptly.

      “For people like you who carry two phones due to multiple sims, can they connect both their mobiles at same time?”

      “Of course, why not? You can easily connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously via NFC. When one of them rings, headphones will automatically detect which one is it and you can easily answer that call. Anything else miss resilient skeptic.”

      “Well, I must say that’s quite interesting! But despite all the uses and features that QC35 offers, you still cannot use it all day. Over ear headphones are so uncomfortable to wear for long time. Will you be able to avail all the benefits with such discomfort?”

      “LOL! You don’t have to worry at all about that because they’re not just ordinary headphones, the headband of light-weighted QC35 is wrapped in Alcantara®—the soft covering material used in yachts and high-end automobiles to provide extra softness for all-day listening. Not to forget that the plush ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather which creates a heightened level of comfort for you so you would hardly feel like you’re wearing any headphones”, I said while raising my collar
      with pride. 

      Listening to all the bang on answers, my old perception finally had to come to terms with my present love for QC35 and got enlightened with the brilliance of Bose. 
      QC35 II headphones are by far the best of their kind and hopefully will unveil much more features as their App advances in near future. 

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