Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Big Switch: It's never too late by John thomas

“The Big Switch: It's never too late” by John Thomas is a motivational novel that inspires young minds to always follow their dreams and never give up. Every employee of private sector working “9 to 5” (pun intended) would surely relate to the protagonist’s character and the instances mentioned in the novel. The story starts on a happy note turning the life of Keith’s character upside down and then again ending on a positive note. 

It highlights the unfair ethics followed in most of the jobs nowadays, where only the people who are in good books of managers like Mathur end up being satisfied and rest are disregarded, irrespective of the amount of efforts and hard work put by them throughout the year. However, not all managers are biased and rude, some people like Ramesh can be kind and friendly too and the same is depicted in the novel. Same is the case with Maya and Kyra’s characters which are totally opposite to each other. Ramesh and Kyra’s introductions in Keith’s life evidently change Keith’s attitude towards perceiving his life and decisions. My favorite character in the novel is of Brijesh as he is one of those loyal friends who always stay by your side and are the only ones that cheer you up after you long tiring day at work. It’s really interesting to watch Keith’s life taking new paths with every turning page and how his frowning character moulds and grows gradually into a much mature and composed personality.

Personally, I could totally imagine myself in Keith’s character as he struggles between his personal and professional life. It infuses positive energy and enthusiasm to listen to your heart and keep believing in it until you succeed. 
The most inspiring thing about this novel is how everything falls right into place with time after enduring all challenges that life throws at you. The troubles and demoralization that Keith faces would have left anyone hopeless but it is quite stimulating to see him get out of the difficult situations as a true winner. One would definitely feel happy after reading the ending part and this would leave a constructive impact on readers. 
The thing which sets this book apart from others is that Keith doesn’t live his childhood dreams but instead finds new interests like football and writing and devotes his entire self towards it.

The theme of the novel is a little cliched where a frustrated individual finally decides to enjoy his life and take risks which eventually turns good for him. The book is not a page turner as you would gradually sense what’s next so it is quite intuitive and similar to various success stories of people who took risks and found their actual calling.

This book is a must read for people who are disappointed with their careers or love relationships. It guides you to choose what’s the best for you when things aren’t going your way.
It is not the kind of book which portrays suspense, twists or drama. It is quite instinctive and would not leave your jaws dropped but definitely the apt one for happy ending lovers.

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Combat Eczema With Evion

Vitamin E is certainly one of those elixirs that serve numerous benefits to mankind and I am fortunate enough to have witnessed a lot of them, if not all. One of those was my mother’s fight against eczema using the goodness of vitamin E supplements as a weapon to combat the stubborn rash.

It all started almost an year back when my family shifted from a well settled house in an urban city to an outworn government quarter in a small town as my father’s job was transferred to that place. This affected us to a huge extent. Everyone in my maternal family tree has very sensitive skin that is very much susceptible to environmental changes, including me and especially my mother.

The cracked walls of our rental home welcomed a lot of dust particles and insects to enter in the kitchen, bathroom, dining area and almost every corner of the house even after taking so many corrective actions. Consequently, this infected my mother’s skin and it started reacting in an unpleasant way. She started having rashes, redness and dryness in her skin which were clearly the signs of eczema. I have seen her struggling with itchiness and discomfort in that period of time which was very disheartening.

We took a lot of medication which did calm the rash, but all of that was temporary and did not help in long run. Finally, my uncle who happens to be a pharmacist, advised us to try Vitamin E supplements to cure this ailment of hers. She started using Evion 400 mg capsules by applying the oil present in the capsules, directly to the affected skin.
Evion Supplements are known to hydrate and nourish the skin, thus healing the inflammation of skin.
Luckily, we started seeing the results earlier than expected, soon my mother was relieved from the stubborn rash and redness. Since then, she uses it everyday by mixing few drops into her daily moisturizer before application. Honestly, I was not aware of what wonders Vitamin E could do before this incident. It definitely motivated me to avail the benefits of Vitamin E in my daily life to see the long term results especially in my skin, hair and nails.

Thanks to #Evion- India's No.1 Vitamin E Brand, for being our knight in shining armour.

If you too are facing any skin inflammatory issues, then please give it a try! For more information check out
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

The A, B, C of Vitamin E

Let’s begin with the A, B, C of Vitamin E,
Unlocking the biggest doors with this fruitful key,
Did you know Vitamin E could act as an antioxidant?
Empowering your muscles, skin and hair to a vast extent.
When painful menstruation is about to knock the door,
Don’t you worry, just take a dose few days before,
Vitamin E will take care of alleviating those painful cramps,
So you could dance, jiggle and twirl like a real champ.

Giving revival to skin that’s dull and dead,
Is a cup of tea for Vitamin E, the doctors said.
Do you have some painful memories that left stubborn scars?
Then vitamin E could serve your wish made at the shooting stars.
It heals and hydrates the affected area,
So you could see your skin getting merrier!
Be it the signs of aging, acne or sunburns,
Vitamin E aids all your skin concerns.

From lightening the dark spots to soothing the stretch marks,
The goodness of Vitamin E earns everybody’s good remarks.
Even some obstinate eczema and psoriasis,
Have to run away when Vitamin E bosses.
Having beautiful long nails is no longer out of way,
As Vitamin E fosters your nails day by day.
Now let’s see what’s in store for the frizzy and damaged hair,
Oh look, it’s Vitamin E again, all set to banish your despair!

It even cures the scary premature balding,
By nourishing and thickening, and stopping the falling.
It also boosts and upgrades the muscle strength,
By keeping all the fatigue at an arm’s length.
It is disguised in different covers and shades,
Like Almonds, Spinach, Broccoli or Kale.
Supplements are available to compensate the deficits,
My personal favourite is Evion, for it has numerous benefits.

Its lustrous capsules are extremely inexpensive,
Though their uses are surely extensive.
These can be applied directly or taken orally,
So you could avail all the benefits pretty fairly.
When someone asks, what’s the secret behind my glowing skin,
I always hail the green capsules of Evion for this win!

I'm sure now you too, are well aware of the benefits of Vitamin E. #Evion - India's No.1 Vitamin E Brand, has never failed to get appreciated for the Vitamin E goodness filled inside its products. Evion supplements are widely recommended by many doctors and medical practitioners. 
Personally, I  started using it after I heard its benefits from my friends, colleagues and my roommate too. I also saw its recommendations in many videos on YouTube which encouraged me to try its products and I have been using them since then. I have seen an evident change in my skin and hair. I definitely recommend it to everyone who are struggling with any kind of skin conditions or hair problems. To know more about Evion Supplements, do checkout-

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