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Get Future Ready With #BoseQC35

Growing up as a kid, I have always heard about Bose as one of the biggest brand names when it comes to speakers or headphones. It has always rightfully been regarded as the king of sound which earlier used to make me wonder the reason behind it. I had seen my friends craving to have Bose headphones for it had the best audio quality, they said. I was always skeptical about all the hype for Bose that’s been there since years. Recently, when I came to acknowledge about some startling features of the Bose Quiet Comfort wireless 35 II headphones, it left me nothing but awestruck. 
Bose QC 35 II has been top rated and listed among the best over ear headphones of 2018 by top media and tech websites like CNET, Lifewire and TechRadar. Its world-class noise cancellation and integrated Google VPA (Virtual Private Assistant) features have taken the world to a next level in terms of technology and sound quality. The extent of ease has crossed all the boundaries as now you can handle multiple essential tasks with a single dedicated action button on these headphones. It can play music, receive texts, make calls, set reminders, surf the internet, forecast weather, work as a navigator, teach as a professor and entertain as a friend... And there’s much more for you to explore once you get your hands on it. 

The most exciting thing that I find about QC35 II is its bluetooth wireless capability, so you’re not bounded to wear those messy wires every time you need headphones. At first I was worried on knowing this as I doubted the battery life of the headphones, but subsequently I came to know that the battery charge lasts for as long as 20 hours. Moreover, when your battery finally runs down after ample of usage, a minor 15-minute charge gives you 2.5 hours of battery which is UNBELIEVABLE!! But for people like me who are always running short of time can keep the plug in cable as a backup plan which will keep my music playlist playing unstoppably. You can also manage connecting and switching between devices using their App which is absolutely free. 

Finally, I have known why people chant praises of ‘Bose’ gadgets. However, the skeptical kid inside me still sometimes challenges Bose with some set of questions to which the awestruck fan inside me have spot on answers to justify the brilliance of Bose. A similar conversation happened between my past and present self which was as follows:

“So you’re saying that these headphones have so called ‘noise cancellation technology’, huh?”, inquired my past self.

“Ahan!”, my present self followed.

“What if I’m travelling to Nangal from Chandigarh to spend weekend off at home and I put on these headphones during my commute. Will they be able to cancel the huge noise of horns, running wheels and yelling of people?” 

 “There’s a reason why they belong to Quiet Comfort series, it’s because these smart headphones are capable of cancelling all levels of noise. And you can adjust the noise cancellation level depending upon the background noise via the action button, as simple as that”, I answered while brushing off my shoulders.

“Well, that’s what I presumed, by the way. But what about the wear and tear? You know how fragile these things are. And in our experience, no headphones have lasted longer than an year until now. Do you have an answer for that?”

I smiled instantly and boasted, “FYI, these headphones are specially built with impact-resistant materials such as glass-filled nylon and corrosion-resistant stainless steel which make them durable enough so they can easily last much longer than your resilient skepticism.”

“Whoa! that sounds cool. But you’ll probably have no answer to my next question.”

“Bring it on Miss Skeptic”, I replied promptly.

“For people like you who carry two phones due to multiple sims, can they connect both their mobiles at same time?”

“Of course, why not? You can easily connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously via NFC. When one of them rings, headphones will automatically detect which one is it and you can easily answer that call. Anything else miss resilient skeptic.”

“Well, I must say that’s quite interesting! But despite all the uses and features that QC35 offers, you still cannot use it all day. Over ear headphones are so uncomfortable to wear for long time. Will you be able to avail all the benefits with such discomfort?”

“LOL! You don’t have to worry at all about that because they’re not just ordinary headphones, the headband of light-weighted QC35 is wrapped in Alcantara®—the soft covering material used in yachts and high-end automobiles to provide extra softness for all-day listening. Not to forget that the plush ear cushions are manufactured from a synthetic protein leather which creates a heightened level of comfort for you so you would hardly feel like you’re wearing any headphones”, I said while raising my collar
with pride. 

Listening to all the bang on answers, my old perception finally had to come to terms with my present love for QC35 and got enlightened with the brilliance of Bose. 
QC35 II headphones are by far the best of their kind and hopefully will unveil much more features as their App advances in near future. 

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