Saturday, 31 March 2018

When I said yes to the world!

Growing up in a joint family, I have always had a lot of spoons to feed me which made me a very dependent and reserved child because I used to rely on my family for anything and everything. I always had support wheels on my cycle of life so I had never gotten a chance to fall and stand on my own or perhaps learn from my mistakes. I mean who would want to make friends if you already have a bunch of your cousins in your school? Yes, as much weird as it may sound, I didn’t make any friends in early years of my schooling as I was always surrounded with my cousins whenever I needed a friend. Little did I know that being independent is very crucial for self confidence and self development.

This fact hit me hard when a School trip to South India was announced covering Bengaluru(also called Bangalore), Ooty, Mysore and Coimbatore. This was a dream vacation for a child belonging to North India who had never traveled more than 100 miles until then. The only problem with this dream tour was that it was only limited to 9th grade students and none of the guardians were allowed with children. Of course all of my cousins were either elder or younger to me so they weren’t allowed to go as well. I being a quiet and reserved girl I was, was not willing to go without any company. At the same time I was also very curious to travel the other side of country with all my fellow classmates. Thankfully, my parents agreed to pay a hefty amount of 11k bucks to school which was indeed hefty at that time. I still remember how nerve wracked I was in the beginning but gradually I made up my mind to venture into the first experience of living independently.

Though I had plenty of classmates in this trip but still I was all alone and independent as I didn’t have any great friends neither was I the teacher’s favourite. This was the first time I had to step out of my comfort zone and I am glad I made that decision. It eventually turned out to be one of the best memories of my life where I made some best of friends and foes. I learned to take care of my belongings when on vacation because no one else will. I learned how great and helpful strangers could be, also I learned not to blindly trust them. It surely made me a lot more prudent spender as I had to manage all my expenses(shopping+eating) in the money that was given to me by my parents as I didn’t have a debit/credit card back then.

I went to this trip for the exploration of beautiful spots but I certainly ended up exploring my true self. It made me open minded towards many aspects and subjects of life which where literally a “no-no” for me, one of which was traveling without a company.

Not to forget, I also made some fairly foolish mistakes which I shouldn’t have made but then it was necessary to make me a better person. It was necessary to do mistakes as I learned how to make amendments which I had never experienced before. It was indeed a great deal for a child who was completely dependent on her family to live without them in the opposite side of country for 11 whole days. But, to be honest, I did not feel the need to ask for any kind of help from them throughout these days which made me very proud of myself. This trip certainly made me self assured, it made me feel good about my self which was very important for a self-critical, unconfident, shy and introverted girl.

I am glad that all of it happened, I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to open-mindedness which was undeniably saying yes to the world. I learned that all you need is a step to initiate and the entire world is yours to embrace.

I love how Lufthansa has taken the initiative to serve as an empowerment to your travel dreams. Yes! you heard it right, just say yes to the world and Lufthansa will open the doors for you by supporting your travel with their "#SayYesToTheWorld" campaign. For more information, do checkout this url.


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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Water is finite, value it!

The elixir of life, the basic neccessity of a living being, the stablizer of weather, the beauty of nature, the first medicine to mankind, so many tags for just one name, Water. But do we actually value it enough?

That’s the biggest question of the hour and remains so since quite a long time. That’s because ignorance in water conservancy has always been constant from our end, the only difference between then and now is that water scarcity situation has become much more alarming and threatening.

Someone has rightly said, “No blue, No green.” Green signifies life, growth and development. If there’s no blue(water), there’s definitely no chance of green(growth) as water plays a major part of driving our nature and its habitants. I don’t think anyone needs to be explained what water does for us, it’s quite evident to everyone how important water is for us. However, despite knowing all, we tend to take water for granted, sometimes unknowingly and other times deliberately.

How many of us get so busy in adoring ourselves in mirror of our bathrooms that we almost forget that the tap is still on?
And how many of us prefer showering instead of using water buckets?
I see many hands up, one of which is mine too.

I once read that our mind constitutes of three parts, conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and the last is unconscious mind. The conscious mind comprises of all the present thoughts that are concerned to us, followed by sub-conscious which contains thoughts that are somewhere remembered by us but we don’t think about them frequently. And lastly, the unconscious mind has thoughts which are almost forgotten and very difficult to recall. We have a tendency to neglect and overlook things that are not reminded to us time and again as the thoughts gradually travel from our conscious to unconscious mind. So, it’s very important for all of us to remind each other about the goodness and greatness of water so that we never overlook the unnecessary usage, “wastage” of water and try to conserve it for our coming generations as much as we can.

The most important and alarming fact about water is that “water is finite”. Though it is renewable but that solely depends upon our practices and water management.

We as individuals can easily contribute towards water conservation by taking small steps towards saving water in our everyday lives. One such remarkable contributor to water conservation is Livpure which has taken the initiative of introducing the wonderful and innovative concept of #CuttingPani inspired by the cutting chai culture of Mumbai, encouraging people to ask for only needful amount of drinking water and thus promoting the efficient use of water. I have already signed the petition for adopting #CuttingPaani initiave. I hope you do your part by clicking here.

#CuttingPani reminds me of an incident where my mother taught me to always bring empty glasses and a jug full of water for guests so I could serve them only the needful. I have followed the same practice since then, little did I know that indirectly I am too contributing towards saving our irreplaceable resource, water. If we all follow and spread the ethics of saving water by taking little initiatives like #CuttingPani in our daily routine, a lot of water can be saved for other necessities of life and for our younger ones too.

You can also check below links to read about some ways of saving water and educating young minds:
  1. 5 Ways in which leftover water from your glass can be used
  2. How to make use of water saved by #CuttingPaani
  3. Ways to educate children about conserving water at home
For more information, do check out Livpure.
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