Saturday, 31 March 2018

When I said yes to the world!

Growing up in a joint family, I have always had a lot of spoons to feed me which made me a very dependent and reserved child because I used to rely on my family for anything and everything. I always had support wheels on my cycle of life so I had never gotten a chance to fall and stand on my own or perhaps learn from my mistakes. I mean who would want to make friends if you already have a bunch of your cousins in your school? Yes, as much weird as it may sound, I didn’t make any friends in early years of my schooling as I was always surrounded with my cousins whenever I needed a friend. Little did I know that being independent is very crucial for self confidence and self development.

This fact hit me hard when a School trip to South India was announced covering Bengaluru(also called Bangalore), Ooty, Mysore and Coimbatore. This was a dream vacation for a child belonging to North India who had never traveled more than 100 miles until then. The only problem with this dream tour was that it was only limited to 9th grade students and none of the guardians were allowed with children. Of course all of my cousins were either elder or younger to me so they weren’t allowed to go as well. I being a quiet and reserved girl I was, was not willing to go without any company. At the same time I was also very curious to travel the other side of country with all my fellow classmates. Thankfully, my parents agreed to pay a hefty amount of 11k bucks to school which was indeed hefty at that time. I still remember how nerve wracked I was in the beginning but gradually I made up my mind to venture into the first experience of living independently.

Though I had plenty of classmates in this trip but still I was all alone and independent as I didn’t have any great friends neither was I the teacher’s favourite. This was the first time I had to step out of my comfort zone and I am glad I made that decision. It eventually turned out to be one of the best memories of my life where I made some best of friends and foes. I learned to take care of my belongings when on vacation because no one else will. I learned how great and helpful strangers could be, also I learned not to blindly trust them. It surely made me a lot more prudent spender as I had to manage all my expenses(shopping+eating) in the money that was given to me by my parents as I didn’t have a debit/credit card back then.

I went to this trip for the exploration of beautiful spots but I certainly ended up exploring my true self. It made me open minded towards many aspects and subjects of life which where literally a “no-no” for me, one of which was traveling without a company.

Not to forget, I also made some fairly foolish mistakes which I shouldn’t have made but then it was necessary to make me a better person. It was necessary to do mistakes as I learned how to make amendments which I had never experienced before. It was indeed a great deal for a child who was completely dependent on her family to live without them in the opposite side of country for 11 whole days. But, to be honest, I did not feel the need to ask for any kind of help from them throughout these days which made me very proud of myself. This trip certainly made me self assured, it made me feel good about my self which was very important for a self-critical, unconfident, shy and introverted girl.

I am glad that all of it happened, I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and said yes to open-mindedness which was undeniably saying yes to the world. I learned that all you need is a step to initiate and the entire world is yours to embrace.

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  1. Nice post.To experience life and to widen your horizons, one needs to come out of their comfort zone.

  2. Such open mindedness, travel and silly mistakes make us grow as humans. I am sure it empowered you to overcome many things in life, Deeshani.


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