Sunday, 22 April 2018

#DefinitelyPTE, Your One Stop Solution

Being a Punjabi, I feel it’s our janam-siddh-adhikaar(Birthright) to go abroad for studies or work as you would literally find an array of Punjabis wherever you go. 
We Punjabis have grown up listening to only one thing which is ‘ek baar bahar chale jao toh life set hai.’(Once you relocate to abroad, your life is sorted)

But jokes apart, it’s not at all as easy as it sounds to go abroad for higher studies or for work purpose. There are innumerable unforeseen challenges that you encounter once you venture into this journey of moving to abroad. So, either one can prepare oneself for all those hurdles and hassles or they can choose a hassle free way out. I’m sure anyone would go for the second option, but does this option actually exist? I would have said no, but thankfully I came to know about PTE academic which changed my no to a big YES as #DefinitelyPTE is one of the best and painless ways to clear your way out to moving abroad. 

I feel many people including me are either unfamiliar or doubtful about the steps, requirements and validations of the whole process of moving abroad, one of which is passing a widely accepted and renowned English test. PTE academic is one such computer based English Language Test that helps thousands of aspirants to demonstrate their proficiency in English language for universities, work or immigration purposes. 
PTE Academic comprises of 3 parts that is Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening with each question assessing one or combination of several language skills.

When it comes to choosing an English entrance exam, the first priority should be its recognition and acceptance. What’s great about PTE is that it is widely accepted among thousands of institutions covering 100% of Australian, New Zealand and Irish universities, 96% of UK universities and a growing number of universities in Canada and USA including some of the most prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University and Imperial College, London. These high-end names are no longer a dream if you have decided to clear PTE with flying colors.
Second priority is the ease of preparation for the same. Thankfully, Pearson offers an ample of resources for practice and preparation online at Here one can find free preparation materials including practice tests and videos. Additionally, they also provide PTE Preparation Courses, books and study packs to prepare online.

Along with this, PTE Academic also have some fringe benefits over other competitive English Tests:

Flexibility of Registration
One of the best things about PTE is that it offers registration upto 24 hours in advance. This is quite helpful as one may not be able to register 4-5 days prior to exam date since you are not sure whether you will be available on the respective date or not, but due to this extent of flexibility, you may not worry about the registration. Plus, you can register for any day of the year as the test is available over 365 days a year, covering 200+ locations worldwide out of which over 25 test centers are within India itself covering easily reachable cities like Chandigarh, New Delhi, Bangalore, to name a few. 

100% computer based, no bias
This 3 hour single sessioned test is checked completely by computer without any human interference so there’s zero chance of bias. Hence, only the deserving ones get through this test.
It also offers an optional 10 minutes break so you can take rest and the ones in hurry may opt to continue without any break.

Fast and better delivery of Results
Once you appear for the test, results are available within 5 business days via secure score report website with score validity of 2 years. Also, the test is scored on a scale of 10-90 with detailed breakdown of skills, thus giving you an accurate outlook of your abilities.

Seriously what more can you ask from an English entrance exam? #DefinitelyPTE is a one stop solution to your dream goals.
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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Travel: The reason behind my salvation

It’s been rightly said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.”
You can only get redemption when you’re out of your four walls of confinement. I never knew travel could do wonders like getting you out of depression, enriching solace and peace, finding the lost pieces, solving your tangled puzzles and answering your soulful questions until I myself experienced it and let me tell you there’s nothing better than the feeling of caressing the natural beauty of world. Though my love for travel is inexplicable but I have tried to put it partly into words. So, here’s a piece of poetry as a tribute to my travel diaries:

The murmuring of birds and whistles of winds,

The blue blooming buds and animal footprints,

Hushed my ever anxious heart with their calming imprints.

The gushing waterfalls like loosend up strings, 

The foliage leaves of fall with their own set of wings,

Made me drool over their charm and lull whispering.

The highness of mountains, the depth of seas,

The seduction of fountains, the spell of trees,

Charged fire in my veins, infused thrill in my knees.

The morning dew drops with blissful butterflies,

The dancing of crops and beguiling sunrise,

Initiated love in the air, said my brightened up eyes.

Nature exploration turned my dull soul delighted,

Which was earlier, fearful, hesitant and blinded,

But relishing the taste of travel, eventually made it open minded.

When they inquire my travel inspiration,

I promptly point at nature’s creations,

For they are the reason behind my salvation.

For they are the reason behind my salvation!

I’m sure, like me, you too can find your salvation in traveling. And for your travel ventures, Lufthansa has brought to you their #SayYesToTheWorld campaign where you just have to tell them why you say yes to the world and you stand a chance to win a trip to Europe! Exciting, isn’t it?

I will surely try my luck, I hope you try yours too. For more information, do checkout this url.

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