Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Travel: The reason behind my salvation

It’s been rightly said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.”
You can only get redemption when you’re out of your four walls of confinement. I never knew travel could do wonders like getting you out of depression, enriching solace and peace, finding the lost pieces, solving your tangled puzzles and answering your soulful questions until I myself experienced it and let me tell you there’s nothing better than the feeling of caressing the natural beauty of world. Though my love for travel is inexplicable but I have tried to put it partly into words. So, here’s a piece of poetry as a tribute to my travel diaries:

The murmuring of birds and whistles of winds,

The blue blooming buds and animal footprints,

Hushed my ever anxious heart with their calming imprints.

The gushing waterfalls like loosend up strings, 

The foliage leaves of fall with their own set of wings,

Made me drool over their charm and lull whispering.

The highness of mountains, the depth of seas,

The seduction of fountains, the spell of trees,

Charged fire in my veins, infused thrill in my knees.

The morning dew drops with blissful butterflies,

The dancing of crops and beguiling sunrise,

Initiated love in the air, said my brightened up eyes.

Nature exploration turned my dull soul delighted,

Which was earlier, fearful, hesitant and blinded,

But relishing the taste of travel, eventually made it open minded.

When they inquire my travel inspiration,

I promptly point at nature’s creations,

For they are the reason behind my salvation.

For they are the reason behind my salvation!

I’m sure, like me, you too can find your salvation in traveling. And for your travel ventures, Lufthansa has brought to you their #SayYesToTheWorld campaign where you just have to tell them why you say yes to the world and you stand a chance to win a trip to Europe! Exciting, isn’t it?

I will surely try my luck, I hope you try yours too. For more information, do checkout this url.

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