Tuesday, 22 May 2018

We make these memories for ourselves

A Selfie is a golden memory not just of the people in it but also of that place and time which is captured forever with us. This reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s song, Photograph,
“We make these memories for ourselves,
Where our eyes are never closing,
Hearts are never broken,
Time’s forever frozen still...”

When it comes to selfies, every selfie clicked on my phone has a special memory and place in my heart. But when it comes to best selfie, I feel that “all giggles” selfies are the best selfies. They’re candid, pure and brings joy whenever you look at them in future. 
This reminds me that I am always at my selfie mode when I meet my sister on weekends. It’s just that she perfectly matches my level of craziness that we always tend to click perfect selfies with weird and at the same time, happy faces. I feel that’s because she’s the only person with whom I don’t feel self conscious about my looks or anything at all. 

We are always on a selfie spree, be it in market, at relatives, on vacation or in our room too. To sum up, I would say that we don’t need any particular reason to click selfies. It has become a hobby since the time I got my first phone. Wait a minute.. No! I guess it’s been since my father got his first smartphone. Since then, we’ve been clicking selfies with weirdest faces and then laughing together by making fun of each other’s faces in those selfies. 
Though the picture quality wasn’t used to be quite good at those times and I remember there wasn’t any front camera too, so you had to turn your phone screen facing backwards to click a picture without even knowing how it may turn out. But with time technology has grown exponentially as now the only thing you need to put in to click a good picture is a good pose and rest can be sorted with Mobiistar phone’s front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot. So you can capture your parents, uncles, aunties and their kids too in the same frame. Isn’t it like the best thing ever? 

Thanks to technology that now anyone can upgrade their Selfie experience to a whole new level by using the Selfie camera of Mobiistar. In case you’re wondering how to buy it, you can follow this link to buy Mobiistar on Flipkart.

Recently, when I was browsing through my phone’s gallery, I found nothing but my sister in all of my selfies. She has taken literally a big room in my gallery and I never feel the need of deleting any of them because it makes me smile helplessly in the times of stress. I guess that’s the cheapest stress reliever I would find anywhere, Isn’t it?

Coming to the point, I had so many selfies that are so close to my heart and are my favorite equally. So, it’s impossible for me to shortlist just one. But I have a few of priceless ones that I would always keep protected in my gallery. 

The one where we pretended that
 we're enjoying 'Holi' on Social Media.
The one when I turned 23 and all she gave
me was excuses for not buying any gift.
The one with good filter but pathetic faces.
The one where she was pissed that I'm getting good lighting.
The one with puppy faces because, Why Not?
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