Sunday, 24 June 2018


The big day had commenced after waiting a lifetime 
When fine jewellery came out of the wardrobe it had been confined
To grace my ears which weren’t familiar with any ornament 
So was my heart that till date, never felt so fortunate
I had jotted down on my heart, all the things that I would say
So we could never get apart, as that was a debt I couldn’t afford to pay
Not anymore, not in this life, neither beyond
As I had known above all, what matters is our eternal bond
In my commute towards you, I wish to see a genie or perhaps a shooting star
That brings you back from heaven for our final tryst in moonlight afar
  1. This is amazing and incredible piece of writing Deeshani... Well penned. I liked it a lot. Read your post after a long time... :-)


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