Sunday, 7 October 2018

If I Were A Globetrotter #TheBlindList

Travelling. Exploring. Wandering. Wayfaring. Rambling. Hiking. Floating. Loving. Embracing.

Ahh.. beyond just any bliss, beyond just any happiness, is what travelling could be. Don't believe me? Just try it once without any baggage of overthinking and you would know yourself.

I could stay forever in an isolated island or somewhere lost within the hills or perhaps within the streets of unknown but beautiful cities without any wifi, without any money, without social media and I would still be the happiest. Although, you might be thinking that I must be a globetrotter by now, but alas, I'm not. I have never travelled outside India. Yes, as much as I have my love for travelling, I have not been to many places yet. 

Money and time are two major constraints that have always barred me to go beyond my imaginations. Also, there are other constraints such as my mother's possessiveness for her little, not-so-little daughter (Me). She has not yet reached at a mindset where she could let her 23 years old daughter to travel alone in an unknown place especially outside the country. Also, I am not one of those who would lie to their parents about travelling, so I am still stuck somewhere in the middle of convincing my mother and working hard to earn a good amount of money that will be enough for my blindlist of destinations.

I have always wanted to travel alone. Why?

A. Because I don't think there is any one, (at least not in my known ones) who could match upto my level of curiosity. I would literally go and see every corner of the place I'm going to. I don't feel like wasting even a second of that experience. At the same time I also want to take some time dedicated to that very place and sink into that aura. This is my kind of crazy. Everyone has a different personality and I personally, love my own company the most.

B. When I'm travelling I always prefer to spend more into exploring the places (sightseeing, hiking,  adventures etc) than into personal comfort (5 star hotels, food, shopping). So, family- is not an option, rich friends- would not understand, friends with similar salary- are too prudent to spend money. So, I am again either left with no choice, or I have to limit my travel plans.

C. You must stand alone to stand apart. No, Just Kidding! That's not the reason, I only said it because it sounded cool. ;)

The good news is, imaginations have no constraints or boundaries. If there were no boundaries in real life too, my imaginations would have definitely come into play. Everyone has a Bucket List, but I want my life to unravel my Bucket List for me, without me planning it. I want my life to be a blind date with new experiences with every turn I take. I want to discover things without any anticipation. I want to try out the unconventional and see how it turns out. I want to be my own travel inspiration some day.
I would sing

Safar, Kaisa Hai Yeh Safar
Manzillon Ki Na Hai Koi Khabar

by Bhuvan Bam

..while roaming somewhere midst the hills, meeting new people, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures. Oh how much I would love noticing different kinds of people in different areas of the world. And the best thing about strangers is that they won't judge you on any grounds as they don't know you. That would really help me to practice open-mindedness, knowing the fact that I'm longer being judged by anyone. I'd capture the beautiful moments of the scenery around, the sleepy but furry dogs, the weird but interesting cuisine and the helpful people who would guide me across my blind journey.
I would listen to 

Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday
Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan

from Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

..while on a roadtrip of unknown European cities (perhaps, a month before I get married, living my Kajol dream). Staying in hostels, carrying a backpack and a journal into which I'd jot down my thoughts rambling into my mind while I ramble into the streets. I'd probably take any local bus tour, would jump off at any place and stay wherever I find my peace. I would rent a bicycle and drive all the way to blind(unknown) places.
At last, I also feel some adventures should be accompanied by a partner in crime. So, I wish to travel with my future "to be", in an isolated place and tap my feet on the hums of

Kyon, naa hum-tum
Chale tedhe-medhe se raston pe nange paanv re
Chal bhatak le na baawre

from Barfi

..with no clue of how we'll survive without the basic necessities but if it's possible I would definitely want to experience that at least once in my lifetime. Because life's short and I don't want to miss out on any fun or on any experience whatsoever. You wouldn't know anything's good or not until you experience it yourself.

I would capture all these memories, collect souvenirs like fridge magnets to place them right in front of my eyes, so that I could cherish them all over again and be proud of my precious possessions. These experiences would indeed make me richer than any other possession ever could. As I am ready to #SayYesToTheWorld with open arms, warm heart and high-spirited eyes. Are you?

Now, your dreams and imaginations could help you experiencing a thrilling and exciting blind list. Excited yet? 

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