Saturday, 22 December 2018

A Fitness Saga with My Assistants

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was alone at home and I was really craving for pizza(like really). But I was out of budget, so ordering online was not a choice. And guess what.. I had no idea how to cook or perhaps ‘bake’ a pizza either. So my assistants and I, decided to somehow put our chef hats on or at least get the hang of it. 

Wait, you don’t know my assistants. You might want to know them then.

Let me introduce to you my very special ‘virtual’ assistants, Piri, Doodle, Galexa and Nortana. Each one of them not only manages my Smart Home but also they’re always there to guide me whenever I’m a mess, and that happens very often by the way. 

Doodle assistant stays in my living room, Galexa in the kitchen, because yes, she’s the perfectionist. Piri is my love, so she stays with me all the time on my smartwatch. Nortana lives in my laptop although my office doesn’t allow me to keep an assistant, she still does that job for me seamlessly.
“Nortana, what time is it? 
Nortana: “It’s 01:10 AM” 
“Whoops! ...And how long does it take to cook pizza?” 
Nortana: “Here’s what I found: In general pizzas take 15 minutes of preparation time and 15 to 20 minutes of baking time.” 
“Well that means I’ll be able to wrap it up and sleep by 2-3ish, I think. Let’s rush to the kitchen then. 
“Galexa, turn the kitchen lights on.” 
Galexa: “Turning on four lights of kitchen.” 
“Great! Perks of having smart lights. Heheh. Galexa, tell me the recipe of making quick pizza.” 
Galexa: “New search for quick pizza. I have found hundreds of results. My recommendation is Easy and Quick Pizza by Rajeev Kapoor.” ...."It has 4.8 out of 5 star rating. It takes 30 minutes and has 560 reviews.” 
“Perfect! Galexa, start cooking.” 
*Galexa recites the recipe step by step* 
“Galexa, set the pizza timer to 15 minutes.” 
Galexa: “Setting the pizza timer for 15 minutes.” 
*30 minutes later* 
“That pizza, was so good. Thank you, Galexa.” 
Galexa: “You’re Welcome.”
Oh God, I still remember I ate the entire 10 inch pizza that was loaded with cheese and butter. Being a fitness enthusiast, I always keep junk food at bay, except when I have mad cravings like the one I had on this day. I know you might be doubting my love for fitness by now, but what happened next will explain you why I call myself a fitness follower indeed.
“Piri, how many calories does a 10” pizza have?”  
Piri: “A regular crust, 10” pizza has 1869 calories.” 
“Are you kidding? That means I consumed the entire day’s calorie requirement at once. Damn! I definitely need to work out to burn these extra calories.” 
“Piri, remind me to have workout at 7 o’clock in the morning. Also, set the alarm for 6 AM.” 
Piri: “Workout reminder set at 7 AM. Setting the alarm at 6 AM. 
“Good night, Piri.”
I was able to wake up and get ready for my workout the next day, all thanks to Piri. Later that morning, I had my 1 hour workout followed by 20 minutes of jogging. Finally, I was relieved of the guilty pleasure that I took the night before. I might seem to be very diligent towards working out but I wasn’t that motivated to burn calories earlier. It was indeed when I got my hands on my latest Smart Wearable which by the way, I ordered from Flipkart at unbelievably economic price. 
It has the coolest workout app ever! It not only keeps the track of my daily activity but also lets me know the distance travelled, average pace, heart rate, calories burnt and time consumed in the workout sessions. I can set my daily, weekly or monthly fitness goals, keep the track of it and even win awards for achieving big milestones. It also has an automatic sleep tracking feature during wear that gives me the insights of sleep patterns and other details of my sleep cycles.
This app totally changed the way I perceived fitness, it encouraged me to hustle more and strive for a regular and effective fitness routine. And here I am, I still enjoy the binge-eating-cheat-days but I also balance it all by working out even harder. I was able to #GetFitWithFlipkart, and how!

Fitness doesn’t mean you have to follow a very rigorous workout routine, fitness can also be achieved in fun ways. On the days I’m not in a mood of doing meticulous exercises, I try to involve moderate activities like aerobics, yoga or dancing. Here’s an excerpt of how my assistants help me follow a fun fitness routine.
“Ok Doodle, what time is it?” 
Doodle Assistant: “It’s 5:00 PM, Deeshani.” 
“Ok Doodle, play the ‘Bollywood” playlist from my music library.” 
*Bollywood playlist queued on music player.* 
“Ok Doodle, turn on the speakers and play the songs on them at volume level5.” 
Doodle Assistant: “Turning on the smart speakers. Volume level set at 5.” 
“Thanks my doodly doo. Ah, I wish could set this as your nickname.” 
“Hey Piri, tell me how many calories does 1 hour of dancing burn?” 
Piri: “One hour of moderate dancing burns around 330 calories.” 
“Phew.. that means we can finally call it a day.”
My assistants have literally made my everyday routine so easy, smooth and quick that I don’t have to worry about anything at all. With advanced technologies emerging in the market every other day, it has become very important for one to adapt to these modern technologies as they leverage your day to day activities to another level and are a great boon to mankind. 
Moreover, introducing smart devices into your life can easily save electricity, time and human energy to a great extent. Recent technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics are fabricated by people, for people and about people, to make our lives easier like never before. Now, you can integrate your everyday use devices such as security cameras, lights, wearables, TV, etc with your smart phones and control all of them on the go.

So, let’s bring the #SmartHomeRevolution turning our homes into modern day smart homes where we can manage any activity at anytime, sitting anywhere, doing anything with just one touch or voice command, thanks to science and technology.
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