Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Automation Era Is Here

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.
— Mark Weiser
The technology of making every device and every machine smart is the next frontier and will make a big transformation of our mundane lives. Few decades ago, no one would have thought that even the simplest of machines that help our daily lives would be able to sense and interconnect; moreover, they could be controlled with a single human action as simple and trivial as a click or a touch or a mere movement of finger.

That era which our parents and grand-parents could have only imagined, has finally come into play and we, the millennials would be the first ones to get our hands on it and use it wisely to build an effective future. Let's call this era as an 'Automation Era', where manual activities will be replaced by automatic services and all you have to do is integrate your smart devices and you're good to go. Smart device is no longer an alien term, almost every one is aware of what a smart device is. It could be summed up as something that is capable of being driven remotely and amplifying our power to an unbeatable level. 

With growing time, the pace of world is getting faster. To keep up with such speed, one has to be a multitasker or they'll be left behind in this race of life. Of course our brain is capable of multitasking but our hands are not, we can't manage everything simultaneously using two hands so we need an external help that would let us manage multiple things at once. This external help can be provided by automating our daily activities using advance technology built smart devices in our home, which will be the pedestal of #SmartHomeRevolution. Luckily, we will be the pioneers of this revolution as we explore the heights and limits of this technology to alleviate our life problems. 

Smart Home Revolution is the next big thing that has already starting entering into our lives. It will soon become indistinguishable as it will slowly dissolve into our lives and will become a part of it. It's based on the concept of Internet Of Things, which means not just your mobile phone or computer, but almost every object of your home could be capable of being connected to Internet. But most of us are still unaware of the extent upto which this technology could be utilised and what are the benefits of introducing them into our homes.
One of the most basic electronic thing in a home is the lights. Imagine if you could control all the functioning of the lights in your home such as switching them off/on, dimming, blinking or changing the intensity and hues as per your mood, without having to manually change the switch controls. Yes, you could do all of that remotely, sitting on your bed, in the car or may be in the living room. Now a days, you don't even need a remote control for that, the same function could be performed by the supported app in your handy mobile phones. 

But what if, both your hands are busy?
No worries, you could still manage the controls by telling your home assistant(I'll get back to it later) to do the same.

But what if you leave the room and you mistakenly forget to turn off the lights? 
No worries again, because your 'Smart Lights' are smart enough to figure that you're not around so they'll go off as soon as you leave.

Another great outcome of modern technology is the very famous personal assistants. A personal assistant or a home assistant isn't your secretary or maid but it pretty much does the role of it. It takes care of your health, education, commerce, and what not. You can set reminder, make a call, calculate, keep track of things, search online or play music with a small device placed in your living room provided you have a good wifi facility. And not only that, you could also extend its features to an infinite extent by integrating your assistant with all the smart devices in your home. These devices include Smart Speakers, Smart Camera, Smart lights, Smart TV, Smart AC or Smart Refrigerators to name a few. So you could control all of those devices with a single human interacting device, your personal assistant.

Smart devices are capable of sensing, interconnecting and responding remotely without you having to manually perform physical interactions, which is the main reason why they are in high demand. Since the introduction of mobile phones, tablets and laptops into our lives, everyone of us must have realised the importance of mobility and being able to work remotely as we no longer have to be dependent on a particular location. This has evidently saved a lot of time and money spent on travelling to the distant workplaces because that isn't required anymore. Now imagine this level of comfort not only for computing jobs but for almost any basic job of your daily life. Next level, isn't it?

Every comfort has a shortcoming too, you must be having second thoughts if these comforts could make you lazy and inactive, right? Fair enough. 
But no worries, all your worries are sorted as technology has taken care of that too.
Health always comes first and fitness is the key to good health. Most of the people fail to maintain good health due to lack of time in their hectic schedules, no one has got time to keep track of their fitness. Latest smart wearables come with human activity tracking sensors that calculate your daily activity and lets you know if you're lacking anywhere or lagging behind. You can keep track of your daily calorie intake versus the activity required to maintain a good metabolism, further you can ask your wearable to guide you with simple home exercises or rough ones as per your need. It monitors every move of yours, so no chance of cheating on that.
So, you can #GetFitWithFlipkart as Flipkart has an array of such smart wearables including fitness bands and smart watches. I have bought mine, have you?
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