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Book Review - Irrationally Passionate By Jason Kothari


Irrationally Passionate by Jason Kothari is a non-fictional inspirational book based on the experiences of the author himself that eventually helped him becoming a successful entrepreneur and a business turnaround expert. The narrative starts from the personal instances right from the childhood and gradually shifts to the professional excerpts towards the end, all the experiences paving a step forth towards his path to success. It’s remarkable how from little incidents where he practiced turnaround of particular setbacks eventually helped him to be able to project the same energy in his work life. He has brilliantly connected the dots with a rather empathetic manner that motivates and at the same time keeps the reader thrilled and connected to the book. Moreover, the book also addresses some racist ridicules that the author faces while growing up which is important to be addressed and talked about. It has high level success stories of some big companies such as, Snapdeal and Freecharge where his decisions and approaches have saved such companies from drowning. Apart from this Jason has also discussed about his emotional and spiritual aspects of his life that adds all the more interest in reading.


The narrative has very easy and simple straightforward language. Also it is mostly in chronological order so there’s nothing confusing in the storyline.

It’s based on how to overcome challenges in life in general so it doesn’t matter whether one is struggling with entrepreneurial challenges in particular. It would help and motivate anyone facing any kind of troubles in life. And would inspire a wide spectrum of people to chase their dreams be it any kind.

There is a very balanced personal connection in the book that is personal enough to keep the reader empathetic but not too personal that would divert the eventual intention of the book, which sets the book apart from others.

Jason has mentioned some turnaround stories of leading companies which make his theories and strategical approach more reliable to the audience.

One can find some really motivational quotes and save them for lifetime for the times when things aren’t falling into place.

Some of my favourite lines from the book-

“.. turnaround trait—running towards, not away, from personal weaknesses”

“No entrepreneur's path is ever a straight line. Setbacks are constant, disappointments guaranteed. Moreover, no one is born an entrepreneur; they are forged in the rough and tumble crucible of life”


Despite all the struggles that the author faced, I still felt he was more privileged than most people in India. Given that he got to live in various countries of the world is a privilege in itself. But it felt that it was not acknowledged in the same manner in the book.

Some experiences are very high level, which could have been discussed a little bit more in detail perhaps. 


I felt the book is very helpful, inspirational, informative and at the same time interesting to read. It’s a great book for people striving for success. The main focus of the book is on being irrationally passionate and keep fighting till there is a right outcome. I would rate it somewhere around 4 on 5. 

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