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Hi guys, welcome to my space.

I'm Deeshani, a regular low-key soul next door. I work as a QA Engineer in a corporate at Chandigarh. I'm a self-obsessed person, in a positive way, as in I love myself and pamper myself with lots of food which reminds me that I'm a big time foodie. Apart from that I love to sing, write poetry and eat some more food.

I support enlightenment, education rights, feminism, LGBT rights and love. The only thing I hate is prejudice. It has barred me to live myself for like all my life and I would like to give just one piece of advice to whosoever reading this. Please be yourself. You are one of a kind. Cherish being yourself, accept your identity and flaunt what you've got. People will talk, let them do their thing. 

Few more facts about me:

Absolute weirdo, innocent and wicked, all at the same time.
Pointless, funny, bizarre and serious,
All at the same time.
Enough said.

Keep visiting, spread love and peace out✌🏻 


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  1. Hi Deeshani, this is my first visit on your blog and I am impressed with the design and the content written by you. This is inspiring too.

    If you can then do write for our community to inspire other bloggers. It would be our pleasure to get a guest post by you for our community blog.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda - A community of Bloggers


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